‘Relative Simultaneity’ versus ‘Right Here, Right Now’

‘Relative Simultaneity’ versus ‘Right Here, Right Now’ The mediated and the real Readers of the previous blog may wonder where the phrase ‘relative simultaneity’ suddenly came from. I used it in some musings I wrote for an interesting project, called Vision Forum, led by Per Hüttner a while ago. Reading them again, I though it […]

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Longplayer Live

OK here’s a plug, for a project that I think has questioned and challenged how it can exist in the world in various ways, all at the same time. This potential relative simultaneity is an area that I’m really interested in. Indulge me here, I promise it will become clear why the project I’ll be […]

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Ever wondered, or tried to figure out why some music, or sound makes you feel utterly happy, or deeply depressed? Why, when you listen to it, its beauty or its rightness makes the rest of things fade, or, at least, feel more manageable? Or why its haunting impact makes you feel lonely and depressed? It’s been an ongoing subject in our conversations over the last couple of years. In order for these conversations to become a bit more rigorous and critical, and no longer just fleeting moment around the kitchen table or on the bus, we decided to set up this blog.

Trying to figure out what makes us tick when it comes to sound and music, and why, and how we can create something collaboratively that mimics these kind of profound experiences will be the main focus. As we’re also interested in art, books and film in a broader sense, we may sometimes deviate. If you’re not, bear with us.

Over the next two years we will produce nine records: three of which will be stand alone projects, six of which will relate to three installations. We’ll let you know if and when they’re available.

We are: Gerrie van Noord and Alexandra P. Spaulding. Gerrie is interested in the process of the translation of ideas and content from one language and/or medium into another. Sometimes she is involved in doing that by literally translating text, sometimes it involves a mediation of ideas on a more conceptual level. She’s worked with artists, curators and writers on a broad range of projects, exhibitions and publications over the last twenty years, and also teaches in various environments. Alexandra is an artist who, having initially focused on photography and video, is exploring the potential of sound. By combining both elements, she is trying to create environments that have the potential to generate ineffable experiences in their audience. She is trying to figure out the secret recipe for this to happen via a practice-led PhD.

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